Direct2Consumer Solutions

VOYCER offers D2C solutions from the strategy to implementation.

With a comprehensive methodology set, services and an interactive software solution to gain, activate and retain customers.

Achieve your D2C success factors faster with the VOYCER offer

Pragmatic strategies and concepts for improved access to consumers

Our comprehensive methodology set, includes a D2C Readiness Check, Customer Experience Benchmarking, Touchpoint Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Marketing Personas, and more help with strategy development and planning for complex D2C projects

An optimized D2C system topography

Our strong partner network and comprehensive tool topography help you conceptualize and integrateD2C supporting technologies in teh existing system topography incl. prototyping and pilot projects

More and improved data on the interest and desires of consumers

VOYCER offers concepts for personalized customer profiles incl. interfaces to CRM and other marketing technologies related to experience solutions, to activate customer data and cookie consent, independently and directly

Returning visitors at the digital Touchpoints

We deliver approaches and technologies for more experience on the brand website with incentives to register (incl. innovative loyalty approaches, campaign technologies, gamification and status incentives)

Our Credo

„The key to D2C success is consistent Customer Centricity“

What we do differently

We help to consistently think and act from the consumer viewpoint – for us, transformation means bringing employees and customers together. Digitale technology is the enabler.

We have methodology and tools that are fun and allow for a playful way to directly approach the consumer, to delight and to engage the consumer interactively.

A different type of strategy consulting – not powerpoints as a result, but functioning prototypes with active consumers and top KPIs.

Our ready2use methods demonstrate proven success with startups and corporations: flexible – agile – modular – segment specific and fast- learning.

Customer success

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Higher revenue via engagement platform visitors
Click-through-rate to shop
Recurring website visitors
Newsletter registration rate

From startup to large corporation – a selection of our customers

D2C Readiness Check

Start a D2C success story with our nonbinding offer


Who we are

Wir stand for putting the customer at the center

With passion for digital projects, we work in various capacities and with various companies on software solutions and services that bring brands and their customers closer. We are convinced of the premise that brands need to provide a stronger digital experience to their customers. With our offer, we want to show how easy it is to get feedback and word of mouth impact as well as to find (micro-) influencers, and especially show that it’s fun to engage directly with customers. To do so, we work with a strong partner network around startups and large corporations to ensure they have D2C success.

Michael Nenninger

The Direct2Consumer Strategist

Melanie Seidel

The “Advocate” for Consumers

Andreas Schuler

Andreas Schuler

The Digital and Platform Guru

Get to know the team

An additional passion

Our D2C initiative – the tester community OPINIONSTAR

We offer D2C brands the opportunity to run product test campaigns FOR FREE on our tester community OPINIONSTAR. And that’s unlimited and without hidden costs!

We’re doing this to prove that it’s fun to interactively engage consumers and to show how brands profit from enabling their customers to interact with each other.

5 good reasons for a campaign on  OPINIONSTAR

1. Word of mouth, social reach and authentic recommendations for your products and your company

2. Authentic test and consumer experience reports with detailed stories and innovative use cases for your product

3. Original user generated content for your own content marketing

4. Direct feedback for marketing, sales and product development

5. Identify influencers and use the direct access to develop them into brand advocates


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