A successful direct-to-consumer approach is based on establishing and expanding a direct customer relationship while being the owner of the customer access and data. To achieve this, the following steps must be consistently thought out, planned, and implemented from the customer’s point of view:

Customer access

Get to know the customers

Retain customers

Convert customers

Our Solution

We provide you with everything you need to achieve your D2C goals from a single source. Our experts will guide you through the development of your strategy and conception to the implementation of technologies for customer acquisition, activation and retention. A strong partner network enables us to provide you with solutions for every challenge. Our innovative engagement and loyalty technology SocialVOYCE delivers fast results and promotes your D2C approach.


Strategies and concepts for improved access to consumers for the D2C alignment.

Our comprehensive set of methods, including D2C readiness check, customer experience benchmarking, touchpoint analysis, cost-benefit analysis, persona conception, and many more, helps in strategy development and planning of complex D2C projects.

We offer modular and well-proven strategy packages. Individual blocks can be put together according to the level and requirements of your organization.

SocialVOYCE Platform

Modular, flexible and fully integrable software-as-a-service solution for implementing new customer engagement and loyalty approaches.

Our innovative technology allows the implementation of new digital customer experience offers on the brand website without development efforts.

SocialVOYCE offers various well-proven modules for different use cases, from prototypes / pilot campaigns to a dedicated platform or the full integration of functionalities into your brand website.

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D2C Readiness Check & Starter Paket

We determine the maturity level of your organization and help with the first steps towards D2C

IIs your organization ready for a D2C success story?

  • Customer Centricity /CX) Score
  • D2C Maturity Check
  • D2C Quick Win Guide
  • Highlevel D2C Strategie (goals, target groups, needs, concept of first measures, D2C-roadmap)


D2C Strategy

Together with you, we develop a promising strategy and initial concepts for mastering all challenges.

How does the D2C strategy look like for your company?

  • Identify and define customer types and their needs
  • Incentive systems for direct visits and opt-ins to target customers
  • Customer data strategy & concepts for data generation
  • Loyalty strategy and concepts for next generation loyalty models and incentive systems
  • optional prototype development and pilot campaigns


D2C Master Class

We support the optimization and expansion of your D2C strategy

How can you make your D2C measures even more customer-centric?

  • Customer Experience (CX) Score
  • Customer Experience Benchmarking
  • Identifying gaps and pain points from the customer’s point of view
  • Roadmap D2C Next Level
  • Transformation and Change Management


Custom Consulting

We provide dedicated support for individual challenges for a successful implementation of the D2C strategy

How can you overcome your D2C challenges?

  • Individual modules of our strategy packages put together individually
  • Customer Centricity and Customer Experience Workshops
  • Conception and support of the implementation of individual measures
  • Digitale Transformation
  • Change Management
  • a.m.m


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Next Generation Loyalty

Platform for an innovative customer loyalty program

The solution for an innovative loyalty approach

The Next Generation platform offers the opportunity to reward and encourage your customers engagement – beyond the purchase.

Loyalty-Campaigns | Customer Profiles |  Gamification | Incentives | a.m.m.



Building a vital customer club through engagement features

The solution for an active customer club

Our technology enables your customers to provide interaction for more vitality of the customer club

Interactive campaigns | Customer profiles | Micro-Influencer and Brand ambassador functions | Gamification | Incentives | Loyalty | a.m.m.



Interactive platform for your brand community

The solution to offer your community a home

The platform technology provides all functions for a vital customer community on their own brand platform.

User profiles and roles | Notification-System | Incentives, Gamification, Badges | Q&A, Blogs, How-tos,… | Campaigns like product tests, Contests, Challenges… | a.m.m.



Software solution for various actions for D2C marketing

The solution for your D2C campaign management

With SocialVOYCE you get a technology that allows you to launch D2C campaigns for your customers at any time without development efforts.

Product tests | Contests | Challenges | Competitions | …


Product tests

Platform for the realization of tester campaigns

The solution for customer feedback and WoM

The technology provides a structured campaign process to execute your product test campaigns.

Application process | Tester selection | Testimonials | Ratings | Incentivization…


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