Voycer provides 10 platforms free of charge

Voycer provides 10 platforms free of charge

The coronavirus crisis continues to grip the country: public life is still restricted and the economic consequences are unpredictable. .

Even if the retail industry opens again soon, it will take time for public life to return to normal. During this time, it is particularly important for brands to maintain customer loyalty and to invest in customer relations – even if in many areas the willingness to buy has temporarily decreased due to the uncertain economic situation.

#staywithyourcustomers – We want to help! To support companies in expanding their digital customer interface, we provide 10 interactive customer platforms as proof of concept – without obligation. More information>

The companies that will survive the crisis are those that can bind their customers to their brand over the period of the current state of emergency.


Brands need digital touchpoints

Life nowadays has changed and takes place at home. The Internet has become an indispensable companion: for social exchange, for information and inspiration , for distraction, but also for shopping.

This shows how important digital touchpoints are for brands: to draw the attention of consumers, to inspire them, to consult them and to accompany them after the purchase.

Focus on interactive customer platforms and communities!

With interactive customer platforms and communities you can reach your target group about topics that are currently of
interest to them and create a digital channel for exchange, inspiration and information.

This way, these platforms make a valuable contribution to customer loyalty and inspiration and to securing sales.

Interactive customer platforms are a relevant touchpoint in all phases of the customer journey. They also bind customers to your brand who currently only want to be inspired or have had to postpone their purchase request due to the current economic situation.

Build your own brand garden
Provide a digital home and „go to source” for consumers and brand enthusiasts (e.g. micro-influencers) throughout all phases of their customer journey

Inspire consumers to buy your products
Create a platform where consumers discuss your products through authentic use cases (user generated content) which increase their motivation to buy

Opportunities for exchange and consultation between customers
Withinteractive customer platforms, brands give consumers a voice. They are a virtual place where customers act as experts in the form of micro-influencers to advise other consumers. Customers themselves recommend products and become sellers.

Drive brand awareness
By picking up relevant topics that are related to the brand, companies can satisfy urgent needs for information and at the same time increase brand awareness and boost customer loyalty.

Emerge stronger from the crisis!

Interactive customer platforms and communities are the foundation to emerge from the crisis stronger – with a strategic, customer-centric approach and improved customer experience.

Our initiative #staywithyourcustomers

With our proven SaaS solution SocialVOYCE, you can launch your own digital, interactive customer platform on your brand presence within just one week and quickly expand it into a community with our campaign formats.

We have launched the #staywithyourcustomers initiative to support companies that are particularly suffering from the current economic situation: For the duration of the crisis, we are providing 10 interactive customer platforms in 10 of the most affected industries without obligation and free of charge.*

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Furniture & Living

  • DIY & Gardening

  • Smart home

  • Sports Articles & Goods

  • Office Equipment

  • Toys, Books & Music

  • Food & Beverage

  • Health, Beauty & Wellness

  • Pharmaceuticals

Everything works online and remote. Just contact us and we will show you relevant use cases for your market and a strategy that meets the requirements of your business.

You benefit from our experience from 10+ years in the areas of Customer Experience (CX) as well as our track record from > 200 successful projects.

Our partner KPS, the leading consulting partner for the retail industry, offers a free consultancy for the launch of your online community. In addition KPS’s services includes finding the right topics for the online community and support in acquiring and activating users.

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Best practice smart home: innogy

See how the leading German energy provider innogy leverages Voycer technology to create a digital platform for smart home enthusiasts and e-mobility fans. Their community drives digital engagement around interesting products and use cases and accelerates buying decisions both at their their online and offline POS.

Read the innogy success story.

innogy community logo

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