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The Product Experience Platform

for more Customer Engagement, Product Feedback and Social Sales

Benefits & KPIs at a glance




Customer Retention


Organic traffic through user-generated content


Registration rate upon first visit


Conversions to shop


Repeat testers

Customers are testing, evaluating and recommending products on your website

Make user-generated content your competitive advantage

Increase the engagement of product users and potential customers by encouraging them to read, share and create product-related content. This will give you valuable user-generated content that will boost your SEO rankings. Product testing creates an incredible amount of authentic and unique content – more than 7,000 characters on average, including photos and videos (Amazon comparison: 500 characters).

Let customers test products and enhance credibility

66% of Internet users believe that user-generated content is more credible than the editorial content of a brand. With the Product Experience solution, you can capitalize on this insight by enabling customers to engage in exchanges around your products on your website. This allows you to develop micro influencers and strengthen your influencer marketing. Transform customers into brand ambassadors who advise other customers and encourage purchases with their authentic tips and recommendations.

Boost conversions with conversational commerce

Product experts give other customers relevant and credible advice that promotes sales – after all, 20% of all buyers claim to be led by influencers to buy. Our experience shows that both customer engagement and conversions increase by 5-10% when there are extensive product test reports on individual product sites. That means relevant reviews significantly increase the likelihood of a purchase. Through the exchange between customers, your site becomes a hub for conversational commerce, a place where communication and consumption mix.

Launch quickly with our plug-and-play solution

Our Product Experience Platform is an out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed within days. Our team understands your requirements and sets up the platform without any technical development effort on your part. With our full-service approach, you can choose to build your own tester community and run product tests yourself or hire our experts.

Track and manage everything in one detailed dashboard

Detailed analytics help you understand what is happening on your social platform. Keep track of how much content is created, how many people are engaged, how many conversions are taking place and which product test campaigns receive the most attention. Gain insights into the interests of your clients and learn more about your micro influencers.

Unleash the power of social sales!

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That is what our customers say

Through Voycer’s Product Experience Platform we are now in direct contact with our customers, receive new ideas for the application of our products and gain unique user-generated content.

René Haßfeld

Managing Director, Marketing & Sales, toom Baumarkt GmbH // REWE Group

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