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Modular Software-as-a-Service Community Technology

The modular design of our technology (Software-as-a-Service) allows us to customize the look and configuration of your community to fit your needs. You select from a menu of features and modules to deliver the user experience you want to offer. All modules can be easily integrated into your existing online channels to create a seamless customer experience. If you prefer to run your community as a stand-alone product, you can of course do so.

The Software-as-a-Service solution provides you with automatic updates, keeping you on the most current and secure status. This cloud technology also reduces installation complexity and allows for a fast go-live with low investment risk, high cost transparancy and cost control.

The basic version of SocialVOYCE includes all the basic modules plus one additional content module (e.g. Q&A or How-to). Of course, additional content and premium modules can be activated anytime.

Basic Modules

These modules constitute the basic framework of SocialVOYCE and are an integral element of our community solution.

See Basic Modules Overview

Content Modules

Content modules enable user generated content in various formats, right in the community, so users can interact with each other.

See Content Modules Overview

Premium Modules

Our premium modules allow you to enrich your users’ experience by running various types of contests right on the community platform.

See Premium Modules Overview

Basic Modules


Notifications & Mailsystem


Sharing System

Tagging System

Content Modules








Premium Modules



Editor System

Best Practices

Topic Worlds

Business Profile

Product Testing


Social Shopping

Micro Communities


After Sales

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