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 Community Service

Successful communities don’t emerge and grow by themselves

So, we support you in building and growing your customer community with proven and innovative methods. Our communtity experts accompany you, from developing the right strategy all the way through to designing your community.

Our community marketing and community management services will help you grow your community and ensure the professional implementation and execution of any action items required in the process. In addition, we also offer training sessions for your staff to supply them with everything they need to know to operate your community single-handedly. You can choose whether you only need support for single tasks, or want our community professionals to setup and run your community for you.

Strategy Consulting

Community Management

Community Marketing

Having the right strategy is key to a successful and ROI-based implementation of your customer community

During our strategy workshop we (together with you) develop and prioritize the goals and strategic value of your community. The goal of this collective workshop is to define the direction and focus of your future community.

Professional community management is essential for the sustainable growth of your community

Our community experts are veterans when it comes to dealing with large communities for various industries. We ensure satisfied users, high quality content and make sure the community stays free of unwanted content.


The core of any successful growth strategy is professional community marketing

Our marketing team consists of experts who know how to market and develop/grow communities regardless of topic or focus. We help you to successfully and sustainably build your community using the right marketing mechanisms.

We offer you service solutions that perfectly fit your needs!

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