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For the market launch of the Le Visage Re-Balancing emulsion, Rivoli decided to set up a product test campaign for its brand fans. The task was to increase social reach and brand awareness for the new product. For this campaign, Rivoli decided to especially align itself with its brand ambassords as the new prouct was very complex regarding funtionality and usage.

But what is the best way to achieve high visibility in search engines and social networks? Right, the attraction of micro-influencers. Cosmeticians and bloggers in particular were considered as a target group because they have the expertise to explain the emulsion to other customers.

Learn how rivoli achieved these goals!
  • Industry: Beauty
  • Tasks: 
    • Visibility in search engines and social networks
    • Market launch of a complex product
    • More reach and brand awareness
    • Attraction of micro-influencers

Read the success story to learn how rivoli used product testing to inspire brand ambassadors and successfully launched a product that needed explanation.

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