Interactive Customer Experience: For stronger customer relationships and improved marketing ROI!

Shop: increased willingness to buy 90%
CRM: higher newsletter registration rate 52%
CMS: authentic User Generated Content 71%
Anaytics: relevant data 63%

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Your customers get rewards like badges or vouchers for interacting with your site.

At the core of our technology is the incentive system, which motivates visitors to engage, to share ideas and to return to your website regularly.

Modules and Functions etc:

Badges, rewards, rankings and more.

Vouchers, discounts, bonus points and more.

On and off site notifications, email and push messaging services and more.


Customers get individual profiles on the platform that they enrich over time.

The customer profiles in the platform deliver valuable data to enrich your CRM and to personalize content for the interactive customer experience.

Modules und Functions:

User service, SSO, social login.

Verified account, individual profile, custom profile types and more.

About me, interests, activity index, milestones and more.


Your customers gain a meaningful experience context where they participate, influence and interact.

Our technology offers a variety of content and campaign formats to ensure that your customers find the information they seek, share insights and interact with each other.

Modules und Functions:

Q&A,  polls, instructions, blog posts and more.

Product tests, photo and video contests, competitions, voting battles, blank campaigns and more.

Native commerce, content commerce, ad management and more.

System Integration

Get valuable data for your marketing tools that let's you offer a seamless user journey across all digital touch points.

With comprehensive features and interfaces, user data and content data is integrated with your marketing tools, such as your CRM or shop solution. This gives your customer a holistic user experience.

Interfaces and Functions:

Full range of functions and features, e.g. voting and analysis, easily configurable.

Including all relevant endpoints.

User Service integration and Single Sign On (SSO).


Convenient and easy to use platform management with a range of customization options.

Our platform backend is easy to use, without any technical knowledge. The rights management system offers secure management and analysis features to ensure your platform success.

Modules and Functions:

Automatic hiding of posts, full reporting for moderators, fraud detection

Easy launch of campaigns without required technical knowledge, configure processes and phases easily.

User metrics, content metrics, interaction analysis, including data exports and automated charts.

Basic Features

A comprehensive platform with powerful features for user interaction and engagement.

Following the principal of mobile first, our highly scalable and secure state-of-the-art technology is easy to use from any device.

Modules and Functions:

Sharing, following, activity analysis and more.

Categories, tagging, broadcast, themed worlds and more.

Fully responsive design, progressive web app and more.

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