SocialVOYCE: the platform for enabling customer centricity

SocialVOYCE: the marketing technology that puts your customers at the center

SocialVOYCE transforms your website into an interactive destination centered around your products.
You engage your customers early in the customer journey and retain them in your brand environment.

How does this approach differ from other ways of engaging customers?
The experience environment generated by SocialVOYCE stimulates interaction and rich user generated content. Customers discuss the products and share their experiences with each other on a recurring basis; the brand defines the scope and the main topics. That way you offer a new customer touch point that gives you lasting and valuable insights into customer needs and behavior.

SocialVOYCE is the only interactive CX solution (ICX), with which you can collect data und stimulate the generation of new data to become more effective with all your customer touch points: whether in sales, marketing, R&D or customer care and customer success.

Shop € (CR)

Actual retail energy customer innogy SE

CRM Leads

Significantly improves marketing automation
(e.g. newsletter opt-ins)


Increases organic traffic with high-ranking UGC
(cost effective user generated content + engagement)

Social Reach

Greater and more sustainable reach compared to social posts by brands

Turn your brand into a Love Brand

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You profit with SocialVOYCE

Collect valuable data and authentic User Generated Content

Via user interaction and activities on the ICX platform, generate valuable data and authentic User Generated Content.

Reduce marketing costs

Users return back to your site and you engage with them on a recurring basis, which is cost effective for your marketing budget.

Independent of external influences

Break free from the bear hug of online giants, by engaging your potential customers with topics and experiences right from the start of the customer journey, before they decide what product to buy, building trust at the beginning of the relationship.

Customers become selling agents

With SocialVoyce you can develop micro-influencers, who help you reach your relevant target group.

The SocialVOYCE packages

With different, easily implemented modules, SocialVOYCE delivers a building kit and tools, so you can successfully build a digital experience environment.

SocialVOYCE is easily integrated into your martech stack, so you can quickly and effectively apply the data to improve your customer touch points.

SocialVOYCE Light
SocialVOYCE Medium
SocialVOYCE Enterprise

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