Senior Product Manager


Based in Munich, Germany, Voycer is a trusted services & technolgy provider. As SaaS provider Voycer develops, installs, embeds, runs, and enhances a higly scalable white label product. Voycer is redefining the world’s approach to customer centricity and marketing. We develop products that connect hundreds of thousands of people (consuments) with brands and experiences of all kinds to provide an authentic and trust worthy experience. Whether you want to share a product experience, have a question, or participate in a contest, Voycer connects people to people and people to brands, creating unique digital homes.


The Senior Product Manager for branded, white label engagment platforms and product experience, powered by authentic user generated content, is responsible for driving our strategy to built strong relationships between users (C2C) and brands (C2B), and the development of sustainable digital homes and engaging incentivation and gamification systems. Our vision for a people first empowerment technology requires us to built and retain a highly engaged community of users, a home tied to a brand, within the customers domain. These people must feel supported, heard and treated seriously by the customer. Welcomed into the community and connected to each other we enable people to thrive and grow to importand and impactful influencers alongside increasing the brands visibility, reach, impact and revenue.

Our mission is built on 3 pillars:

  •  People and their digital homes (Community)
  •  Social exchange and empowerment
  •  Incentivation (rewards, bounties, …) and gamification

The Senior Product Manager will partner with endusers, customers, engineering, design, sales, policy / legal, customer services and marketing to deliver on our vision.

Key responsibilities

  • Reimagine community experience, design a beautiful, one-of-a-kind product experience
  • Combine user feedback, market trends and customer expectations to produce ideas and concepts for highly innovative products
  •  Anticipate bottlenecks, making tradeoffs and balancing the business needs versus technical or operational constraints
  • Translate the vision into clear and detailed product requirements

The ideal candidate has

  • Extensive experience or 3+ years as a product manager or product owner in engagement technologies, community building, loyalty, gaming and social platforms / networks / services or related areas.
  • Excellent understanding of online marketing/growth
  • Can explain complex things in an easy way
  • Excellent communication, organizational and project management skills. Ability to work cross functional with multiple stakeholders, between teams, functions and brands, with high autonomy and little guidance and the understanding of other people’s language (engineering, data science, sales, customer services, etc.)
  • Experience and confidence in dealing with off-shore and near-shore development teams
  •  Outcome oriented; ability to articulate the desired outcome and work collaboratively to create a path to achieve it
  • Hands-on / owner mentality
  • Extensive experience in agile methodologies
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in the German and English

What can you expect?

Voycer’s excellent market positioning and the current market growth ensure that you will have an exciting and promising work environment with very strong opportunities for your own development. You work with a professional and experienced, international team and have the prospect of shaping Voycer’s strategy going forward. In addition to the attractive compensation, we offer you an environment in which you can thrive with a maximum of creative freedom and ownership in what you do. A friendly atmosphere, easy access to all your colleagues and a high degree of flexibility enable the realization of your own ideas.

Got curious? Then send us your application with cover letter, CV and certificates. If you have any questions, you can of course call us at +49 89 809 9078-00 or send an email to at any time.