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Energy suppliers had previously only been in contact with their customers when invoicing or terminating electricity and gas supply contracts. However, this world has become more complex as a result of digitalisation. Technologies such as photovoltaics, electromobility or the intelligent home are creating a need for discussion. And consumer behavior has also changed: Customers want to receive profound answers to their questions quickly and at any time and exchange ideas with each other before buying.

innogy, the leading energy supplier for renewable energies with more than 22 million customers, has recognized this. The company wanted a digital touchpoint that could do both: make the smart home more understandable and get in touch with the brand at any time – from product research to after-sales support.

times more revenue
  • Tasks: 
  • Self-Service instead of customer care

  • Attraction of micro-influencers

  • Increase awarenss as smart home and emobility vendor

  • Customer experience for complex products

  • Addressing of relevant target groups

  • SocialVOYCE Modules
  • Product tests

  • Topic worlds

  • Q&As

  • How-tos

  • Multi-Profile

  • Contests

  • Incentives

„We believe that customer experience must become interactive. In particular, formats such as product tests and tutorials support the development of our community very efficiently.“

Christoph Weltmann, Digital Sales & Services Manager at innogy

Read in our success story how innogy increases the conversion to its own online shop with community visitors by a factor of nine. Order the success story now for free!

Order success story now

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