Interview with our Customer Experience Experts

Jan Kubran Sony

“In the context of branded entertainment partnerships, customer experience plays an important role.”

Brand Talk Summit speaker Jan Kubran on his challenges as Head of Music Licensing at Sony Music

Mr. Kubran, can you please describe your tasks as Head of Music Licensing at Sony Music Entertainment?
My team and I are in daily contact with marketing managers from various industries as well as creative people, agencies, label colleagues, management and artists. As a competence center in branded music entertainment, we continuously realize digital co-operations for our artists with a focus on social spaces. Thus, we generate measurable added value for the artist and the brand. A positive customer experience is always the focus.

What made you decide to focus on customer experience at Sony Music?
Within our initiated framework of branded entertainment partnerships, customer experience plays an important role before and during implementation. What added value do we generate for end consumers and music fans? How do we generate special experiences that resonate with a company, the artist and the target groups in the best way? If we successfully answer these questions, we generate authentic and long-term cooperation.

Is there a special campaign highlight that you would like to talk about?
With strong partners such as E.ON and Condor Airlines, for example, we established very exciting CX cooperation, which I will present at the Brand Talk Summit.

Claus Keller Toyota Programm

“Our customer experience must continue to grow with the automotive industry changes.”

Brand Talk Summit speaker Claus Keller on his challenges as GM Customer Experience at Toyota Germany

Mr. Keller, can you please describe your tasks as GM Customer Experience at Toyota Germany?
First and foremost, our customer experience strategy is about better understanding our customers’ needs. We want to increase overall customer loyalty by offering consumers a unique customer experience – ideally at each of their points of contact with Toyota Germany. In my role, I’m working to ensure that this customer experience continues to grow especially as the automotive industry is facing fundamental changes at the moment.

What made you decide to focus on customer experience at Toyota Germany?
The automotive industry is currently undergoing a fundamental transformation. The vehicle is losing importance as the central element of value creation. Purchase decisions are made online, customers want to “use” their car but no longer “own” it, and connected transportation will become increasingly important in the next years. These factors are very influential for Toyota Germany as we have to realign our marketing and sales models.

Is there a special campaign highlight that you would like to talk about?
For Toyota, “Customer First” has always been a company maxim worldwide. This is not only reflected in declarations of intent or glossy brochures, but rather the focus of all our customer campaigns.

What successes and KPIs do you expect from your customer experience strategy in the next 3 years?
My goal at Toyota Germany is not only to adapt to the fundamental changes in our industry, but also to actively shape them for the benefit of our customers.

“We continue to focus on the community principle and the customer-help-customer approach.”

Brand Talk Summit speaker Christoph Weltmann about his responsibilities as Digital Marketing Manager at innogy

Mr. Weltmann, can you please describe your tasks as Digital Marketing Manager at innogy?
In the area of private customer sales, I take care of the “innogy SmartHome” product line, our sales-related social media activities and our digital service offerings such as the innogy community. I am also active in the digital marketing of our internet product line “innogy Highspeed”.

What made you decide to focus on customer experience at innogy?
Customer centricity is one of the main pillars of our sales strategy. We know that customers have many questions before buying a complex product like innogy SmartHome. Therefore, we need to address them very early in the customer journey. That’s why we try to be present at all relevant touchpoints. The innogy community plays a key role in our pre- and after-sales strategy due to its high visibility with Google. Because the User Generated Content displayed there is an absolute premium content that conveys unique experiences around our products through authenticity and persuasiveness – not only through campaigns such as product tests, but also with how-to contests that go far beyond simple questions and answers.

Is there a special campaign highlight you would like to introduce to us?
I would actually like to mention two of them: During one of our product tests, we offered a smoke detector package that was awarded to six testers. Among the applicants was the volunteer fire brigade Lokstedt from Hamburg. The result was a great field report on our smart smoke detectors from experts who have a deep knowledge of this subject.
Another example is the project “J.A.R.V.I.S.”: During a how-to contest, where community members could submit their ideas for smart home automation, two users developed a self-built beverage lifting station that can be activated by voice control. The video is now legendary in our community.

What successes and KPIs do you expect from your CX strategy in the next 3 years?
We continue to focus on the community principle and the customer-help-customer approach. We want the number of our community members to continue to grow year after year and keep it in the five-digit range. In the future, we will strive for further sales integration, for example through a loyalty program linked to our web shop. In addition, there is of course the opportunity to extend the community for other product lines like our smart home and emobility solutions.

“With Interactive Customer Experience, we’re developing the traditional CX idea.”

Brand Talk Summit speaker and Voycer CEO Michael Nenninger on the future of Customer Experience

Mr. Nenninger, please describe a few key points about your responsibilities as CEO at Voycer?
For a long time now, I have been dealing with strategies for how brands can actively take the future of their customer relationships into their own hands and shape it in the current digital competitive environment. This is also how the idea was born to found Voycer together with my partner Hiram Bingham: We didn’t just want to advise brands, but to provide them with a concrete technology which allows marketers to create more visibility in the competitive environment of Amazon & Co. and to strengthen customer relations.

What motivated you to focus on customer experience in your solution?
Since the big online players with well thought-out services dominate the customer journey in front of the POS, brands need strategies to stop the migration of users. However, they only create visibility and customer loyalty well before the purchase, as Amazon plays a subordinate role here. And this is where customer experience concepts come in: Because users are relying less and less on advertising, but want to be inspired by their peers before buying and seek user evaluations. In short, because they want to experience a brand.

When it comes to Voycer we are talking about interactive customer experience. What does that mean?
With interactive customer experience, we improve conventional customer experience. Because from my point of view, these concepts do not go far enough: they only depict the consumer via data saying what he has bought and where. But a brand really gets to know customers comprehensively through user stories like product recommendations, experience reports or how-tos that allow to experience the variety of applications of a product. With our solution, we create the platform on which consumers can exchange information with each other so that via these interactions authentic user-generated content is created. This is how we turn customer experience into interactive customer experience. We are currently analyzing this trend in a study with absatzwirtschaft and the Social Media Institute, which we will present at our Brand Talk Summit.

Is there a special campaign highlight that you would like to present?
In the meantime, various brands such as ADAC, Abus, Robinson, Festo and uvex have opted for our solution. I spontaneously remember a highlight from our customer innogy, who will also present their community solution at our Brand Talk Summit. They have proven how a community can increase conversions. The latest reports showed that community visitors buy five times more from the innogy shop than traditional website visitors. Because the mutual exchange around product and brand arouses the purchase need of brand fans. I think that’s great proof of strong customer relationships.