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Product Experience Platform

The quick and effective route to higher customer engagement

Customer Community

Achieving customer retention BEFORE the purchase through customer engagement

Your digital engagement platform to drive sales conversions and optimize the customer experience

Customer Acquisition & SEO

Every profile on the platform is a new lead. User-generated content boosts rankings in search engines. The share of organic traffic on Voycer platforms is greater than 50%.

Revenue & Conversions

When customers generate and share content, they create experience worlds around your products. In doing so, they increase conversions to your shop and the likelihood for other customers to buy.

Brand Loyalty

By asking for and providing advice or giving recommendations, customers become influencers and brand ambassadors. Community members buy 122% more often.

Enabling customer marketing for any type of business

SEO: 50% organic traffic through user-generated content
Leads: 45% newsletter registrations
Conversions: 53% higher probability of purchase
Refinancing: 100% investment security

Conversions: 53% higher probability of purchase
Leads: 11% registration rate
Content: 7,000 characters (incl. fotos/videos) per test report
Reach: 200% higher reach than traditional Facebook posts

Service Providers
Leads: 11% registration rate
Engagement: 17% of users with more than 10 visits
Content: 7,000 characters (incl. fotos/videos) per test report
Customer retention:  27% returning participants

Communication, interaction and engagement – take advantage of user exchanges across departments


Customer Acquisition

through advice, dialogue and word-of-mouth recommendations


Customer Retention

by getting customers engaged around topics in the context of your brand

After Sales

Cost Reduction

by letting customers help other customers; a new type of customer care


Innovation Leadership

through product feedback, ideas or wishes expressed by customers

Voycer: Your full-service partner for customer engagement 


Based on our benchmarking, we develop a tailored community strategy for your long-term success and ROI


A white label, cloud-based engagement solution ensures successful operations and 100% cost control


Our experts accompany the development of your engagement platform with proven services and methods that guarantee successful growth.

Top brands use Voycer’s full-service solutions

Find the right solution for your business

Voycer News

Voycer AG: innogy Community grows with SocialVOYCE

Voycer AG supplies innogy SE, a company specializing in renewable energy, grid operation and energy management solutions, with the technological platform to develop the innogy Community. The platform revolves around the topics of smart home and electromobility. It provides users with answers to technical and application-oriented questions. innogy uses Voycer’s SocialVOYCE solution.

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