Place products directly, sell and retain customers

Benefits of the Direct2Consumer model


Your own store provides you with customer data and direct contacts. This enables you to get to know your end customers better and understand their needs early on so that you can use this information to design better offers and products.


A optimized sales channel with improved conversions and higher margins brings a significant increase in sales. New markets can be entered easier.


A stronger customer relationship, through genuine emotional connection and creation of real brand ambassadors. At the same time, the brand experience remains entirely in the hands of the manufacturer.

The secret for success – Direct contact with the customer

Corona was not the first to show how important direct contact with the end customer is. For years, the GAF (Google, Amazon, Facebook) has occupied the customer interfaces and the battle for the customer no longer takes place at the retail shelf.

With a Direct2Consumer strategy, brands today manage to achieve customer acquisition, activation and retention. Ideally, they even create a Consumer2Brand (C2B) channel that enables direct consumer feedback and participation.

Successful Direct2Consumer strategies are based on interactive customers

The more active the customer can be in the brand environment, the better the D2C strategy succeeds. The interaction of the customer with the brand and the customers with each other creates a higher and, above all, sustainable emotional bond. A digital touchpoint at which customers can become active themselves, e.g., via recommendations, ratings, questions and answers, product tests, and testimonials, provides valuable data, especially on consumers’ interests and wishes. This means that offers can be tailored even better to the needs of consumers.

Every brand has a community – VOYCER helps to build and mobilize it.

Our Direct2Consumer Solution helps brands to establish direct contact with the end customer across the entire customer journey, thereby significantly improving the customer experience. Our approaches primarily serve the early phases of the customer journey in which the customer’s needs develop and he is inspired to engage with a brand, especially through digital content.

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